What We Do

Airline Award Travel Consulting Services:

• Have points/miles, but don’t have the time and/or experience on how to book airline award travel?  Sometimes the process can be daunting and can involve hours of research.  Let us handle it.

• Want to fly economy?  Not a problem.  Business class your style?  We can work with you on this.  First class more your niche?  We can work with you on this, too.  Always dreamed of taking a shower at 40,000 feet?  It’s possible!

• Please provide us with your travel information through our “Contact Us” link.  We will review your proposed travel dates, travel locations, travel of service preferences (e.g., first class, business class, etc.,) and other information you provide.  We will subsequently email you some brief generalized travel itineraries for you to review.

• Once you agree on a general itinerary, we will then send you an emailed invoice for payment.

Affordable Pricing Tiers:

Tier 1:

a)Basic one-way or round-trip air award travel (with a total 4 legs or less):  $175 for the first person and $75 for each additional person

Tier 2:

b)Complex air award travel consisting of 5 or more legs:  $225 for the first person and $100 for each additional person

c)Any and all changes or cancellations after 24 hours has elapsed from the time JJ Award Travel emails the finalized completed itinerary:  $50

• Once your payment is received, we will send you a finalized completed itinerary with instructions on how to complete the booking process(es)

• Please see our “Terms and Conditions” for more information

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