Can’t I just book these myself?

-Of course!  However, one of the main purposes of an airline award consulting service is to help you save time, the hassle of researching, etc.  Also, depending upon your experience level with airline award travel, the amount of options, resources, etc. can become confusing unless you have many years of experience dealing with the different programs.  It’s like learning a new language and navigating a tangled maze.

Why choose your service over another?  Aren’t they all about the same?

-That’s a fair question.  While there are other qualified services that can also get the job done, you have to look at the cost, at response times, the experience levels, etc.  We absorb the card transaction fee, even the higher foreign card fee we are assessed on our out of country customers, unlike some other services who tack this fee on.  We are committed to our customers.

What’s the secret to award travel?

-None.  Award travel involves time, patience, knowledge, experience, timing and sometimes a little luck.  There’s nothing magical about it whatsoever.

Do you have any suggestions for using your service?

-Yes.  Be flexible, have some patience, let the process work and have an open mind.  Airline award travel bookings are a totally different animal than revenue (regular) bookings.  The more flexibility you have on the various booking variables, the happier you will likely be with the outcome.

How do I pay for your services?

-Once you agree on a general itinerary, you’ll receive an invoice, via email, detailing the charges.

I have points/miles in non-US based award/airline programs.  Is that an issue?

-Not at all.  When you fill out the “Contact Us” section, you’ll have a chance to enter this information.  We’ve had customer inquiries, for example, from the U.K. and Canada.

We liked your service, what can we do to recognize the hard work you put in?

-We always appreciate kind comments.   We’re always appreciative if our customers can let friends, family and colleagues know about our service.