Terms and Conditions

By communicating any request for award travel arrangements and/or services to JJ Award Travel, all clients understand and accept the following:
1. Any and all failures, interruptions, and any and all other changes caused by the airline(s) provider is the responsibility of those airline(s) the award(s) were booked with.  We assume no liability and/or responsibility for situations, including, but not limited to:  Delays, cancellations, downgrades (or any change in service,) seat changes, route changes, schedule changes, or any other situation which causes a client to have their plans either cancelled, delayed, and/or changed.  While we will do our best, for a $50 fee, to assist in these matters, all clients understand that these and any other circumstances fall outside the control of JJ Award Travel.  The $50 fee will be waived within the first 24 hours after finalized full itinerary.
2. We are not a travel agency.
3. You understand that any changes or cancellations you make could involve charges by various business entities (e.g., there could be re-deposit of miles fees or other fees, depending on the situation.)  For change in plans that are extensive (e.g., you decide to change a trip from Asia to Europe or other factors that make these changes difficult and/or time consuming) you understand that a new fee, as outlined below in paragraph 9, sections “a” and “b” will be applicable.
4. We will request payment via an emailed invoice prior to providing the finalized full itinerary (prior to this, we will provide you will a general proposal in which you must agree on before we send the final invoice and full booking details.)  You understand that once payment for services is rendered, there are no refunds.
5. You understand that there are many factors that cause variances in costs using miles/points, including, but not limited to:  Award availability fluctuation, amount of miles and/or points possessed by the client, or a variety of other potential factors. We therefore don’t guarantee that the miles/points you use for your itinerary will be the lowest possible usage.
6. All clients understand that award availability for airlines is constantly fluctuating and therefore, once a JJ Award Travel client receives his/her finalized full itinerary, they must proceed to book as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours from receiving the emailed itinerary.  Should a JJ Award Travel client encounter award availability issues within the first 24 hours, JJ Award Travel will work with the client to find alternative award travel arrangements without assessing a $50 fee, however, the original service charge for providing the finalized full itinerary will not be refunded.  There is never a guarantee that the exact routing, class of service, seats, etc. can be secured.
7. You will be provided instructions, as needed, on how to book the finalized full itinerary:   How to transfer points/miles, how to book the itinerary on the airline(s) website, telephone, or other methods.
8. We do the bulk of the work for you (e.g., the research) and all you have to do is finalize the reservation(s) yourself.  For your privacy, we don’t make calls, etc. on your behalf.  However, we do ask for confirmation numbers or other travel identifiers after you have finalized your award reservation(s) with the applicable airline(s).
9. Fee structure:  a)Basic one-way or round-trip air award travel (with a total 4 legs or less):  $175 for the first person and $75 for each additional person, b)Complex air award travel consisting of 5 or more legs:  $225 for the first person and $100 for each additional person, c)Any and all changes or cancellations after 24 hours has elapsed from when we email you the completed itinerary:  $50.  You are responsible for taxes, baggage, and/or any other fees are that are charged separately by all involved entities.
10. We don’t sell or barter in airline/hotel mileage/points currencies.
11. We are not liable for anything that might happen to a client or their passenger(s) before, during, or after travel.
12. Points/mileage transfers are generally irreversible.

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